​On February 26, Yang Kaiwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Anyuan, Jiangxi Province, visited

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On February 26th, Yang Kaiwen, secretary of the Party Committee of Anyuan Town, Jiangxi Province, and other leaders visited Shenzhen KAMCY New Energy Products Co., Ltd., accompanied by our leaders, visited and inspected KAMCY Company.During this period, Secretary Yang highly appreciated KAMCY's scientific and technological strength.


Secretary Yang highly appreciated Kang Sheng

On February 26th, Yang Kaiwen and other leaders visited Shenzhen KAMCY New Energy Products Co., Ltd.Accompanied by the leaders of the company, Secretary Yang and other leaders had a comprehensive understanding of KAMCY's business situation, the development dynamics of the enterprise and the future development plan by entering the workshop, watching the exhibition hall and listening to the explanation.During the period, Secretary Yang and other visiting leaders expressed high appreciation for KAMCY's scientific and technological strength and hoped that the two sides can reach cooperation.


During the period, Yang Kaiwen secretary of the pingxiang city, jiangxi province Anyuan town of economic and social development, and the development advantages, investment preferential policies and investment environment in detail, said kang will provide 'mom' service, help enterprise development, promote fruitful cooperation, invite kang sheng to Anyuan field investigation, investment.


KAMCY thanked the visiting leaders

Finally, Mr.Ke, the leader of KAMCY Company, extended his sincere thanks to Secretary Yang and other leaders, and thanked all the leaders for their visit and recognition.Kang Sheng's achievements over the years cannot be separated from the support of the Party, the government and all sectors of society.Anyuan Town has developed rapidly in recent years. Our company holds a positive attitude towards the investment and development in Anyuan and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate.

About Kang Sheng

Shenzhen KAMCY New Energy Products Co., Ltd. is a leading lithium battery manufacturer in China. A high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales of lithium batteries, which can provide customers with customized lithium battery services.


With 19 years of industry experience, it has jurisdiction over three production bases in Shenzhen, Hubei and Jiangxi, with more than 50,000 ㎡ production plants and more than 800 employees, among which high-tech talents account for more than 20% and more than 300,000 lithium batteries in various Nissan models, which can support diversified customized research and development and production of lithium batteries.

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