On May 3, the Panasonic team visited Shenzhen KAMCY New Energy Products Co., Ltd. Hubei Battery

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On May 3, the Panasonic team visited the Hubei Battery Cell Factory of Shenzhen Kangsheng New Energy Products Co., Ltd. The relevant leaders of our company attended and accompanied the tour. During the period, the leaders of our company introduced the company's development and the production process of the battery cell factory to the customers of Panasonic in detail. Panasonic highly recognized our products and technology. Finally, the two parties reached a long-term partnership.

Matsushita Electric Team visited Hubei Battery Cell Factory

Accompanied by relevant leaders of our company, the Matsushita Electric Group and others visited our battery cell factory. During the period, we gave a detailed introduction to the company's development status in recent years, the main business of the battery cell factory, the production situation of the production line and the workshop configuration, and the production process of the battery.


         Shenzhen KAMCY New Energy Products Co., Ltd. is a lithium battery high-tech enterprise integrating the production of batteries, BMS and PACK. Founded in 2002, it has production bases in Shenzhen and Hubei, with a plant area of nearly 50,000 square meters. The company's main products include 18650 ternary lithium-ion batteries, 32700 lithium iron phosphate batteries and various battery packs. Nissan has 200,000 18650 batteries and 180,000 32700 batteries, which are widely used in digital, energy storage, lighting, electric bicycles, communications and other fields.

The battery produced by our company has stable quality and excellent performance. It has passed 100+ technical certifications/patents such as UL, CE, GB, KC, etc., safe, reliable, and trustworthy!

        The two parties reached a long-term partnership

After listening to our detailed introduction, the Matsushita Electric team and others expressed their satisfaction with our products and technology. In this regard, our company is grateful for Matsushita Electric’s recognition, and we will continue to work hard to innovate to ensure the delivery of better and safer products. Finally, Matsushita Electric and our company reached a long-term partnership.

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