Intelligent speaker polymer lithium battery
Intelligent speaker polymer lithium battery
Application equipment:
Digital electronics
Type of Battery:

Lithium polymer battery

Battery Appearance:

Soft pack square lithium battery

Custom Background:

A speaker company designed a portable smart speaker, and found our company through customer referrals, hoping to design a portable mobile DV machine with high safety, and mobile smart speaker battery

Customization Requirements:

In terms of battery performance, the battery can be durable, safer, and the shape can be customized.

While considering the beauty of the battery pack in the design, it also takes into account the combination of the appearance of the battery pack and the smart speaker.


Cell model: KC 3.7V 704755 1800mAh polymer soft case

Product size: thickness 7.3, width 96.0, height 58.0 (Max, MM)

Nominal voltage: 7.4V

Nominal capacity: 1800mAh, 0.2C discharge

Initial internal resistance: ≤160mΩ

Factory voltage: ≥7.4V

Battery charging cut-off voltage: 8.4V

Battery discharge cut-off voltage: 6.0V

Standard charging method: 23±2℃ 0.2C CC (constant current) charging to 4.35V, then CV (constant voltage 4.35V) charging until the charging current is less than 0.02C

Charging current: Standard charge: 0.2C Fast charge: 0.5C

Charging time: Standard charge: 5.5~6.5 h Fast charge: 1.5~2.5 h

Maximum charging current: 0.5C (10℃~+45℃)

Standard discharge current: -10℃~+55℃ (continuous current: 0.2C cut-off voltage: 3.0V)

Maximum discharge current: 1.0C

Working environment: charging: 10℃~45℃, max.85%RH, discharging: -10℃~+55℃, max.85%RH

Lithium battery protection: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, discharge overcurrent protection, discharge short circuit protection, etc.

Product features: High safety, using modified lithium manganate polymer lithium battery to replace 18650 ternary lithium battery, with higher safety and lower overall cost

Customer Reviews:

After the product went on the market, it was greatly welcomed by users, and the customers were very satisfied, and added more orders for Kangsheng batteries.

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