Lithium ion Battery:
All Power lithium batteryDigital lithium batteryEnergy storage lithium battery18650 lithium battery
Lithium polymer battery:
All High and low temperature polymer lithium batteryPower polymer lithium batteryDigital polymer lithium battery
NiMH batteries:
All Conventional Ni-MH batteryButton Ni-MH battery
LiFePO4 battery:
All 12V lithium battery24V lithium battery36V lithium battery48V lithium battery60V lithium battery72V lithium battery
3C digital/consumer battery:
All Beauty care batteryDigital batteryMobile device batteryMedical equipment batteryBluetooth device batteryPortable mini small appliancesWearable batteryButton lithium batteryTWS Bluetooth headset batteryPower bankGPS device batteryTablet PCOther customizationElectric toothbrushStylusRecording penBeauty InstrumentMP3MP4Small fan
Electric vehicle/power tool battery:
All Electric vehicle batteryElectric bicycle batteryTwisted car batteryBalance car batteryElectric drill batterySmall power lithium battery/Ni-MH batteryElectric tool batteryVacuum cleaner batteryOther customization
Energy storage/base station battery:
All Power grid base station energy storage batteryHome energy storage batteryPortable energy storage power supply12V lithium battery24V lithium battery36V lithium battery48V lithium battery60V lithium battery72V lithium batteryOther customizationSolar photovoltaic battery
Robot/5G smart product battery:
All VR wearable deviceVR all-in-oneDroneRobot batterySmart wearWearable batterySecurity MonitoringWalkie talkieOBD, e-call, T-BOX batterySmart LockSmart home and other batteriesOther customizationIndustrial equipment battery
Electronic cigarette battery:
All Electronic cigarette batteryElectronic atomizer battery
Lighting lamp battery:
All Table lampSolar lightBright flashlight batteryOther lighting fixture batteriesMiner's lamp batteryLED lamps
All All1.2V2.4V3.7V7.4V9.6V11.1V12V12.8V14.8V22.2V24V36V46.8V48V60V64V72V76.8V
All All5~1500mAh1600~4000mAh4000~10000mAh1~7Ah7~20Ah20~60Ah60~100Ah