Lithium battery customization manufacturers, the advantages of lithium battery customization

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Lithium battery customization manufacturers, the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery customization. Nowadays, all kinds of lithium battery equipment on the market will choose personalized lithium battery customization according to the operating time, load, etc. So how can I choose a good manufacturer of customized lithium batteries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of customized lithium batteries? Committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality customized lithium battery packs, insisting on meeting or exceeding customer needs with excellent products, reliable quality, and efficient services.

Kangsheng lithium battery custom manufacturer

It is a professional lithium battery manufacturer. As a power supplier that uses lithium batteries as energy storage, our products are widely used in: communications, electric power, public security, finance, networking, medical, security, industrial automation, rail transit, aerospace and navigation and other fields.

The company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of lithium battery products for many years, and provides personalized customization services for lithium batteries. Products are widely used in energy storage, transportation, aerospace, electric vehicles, UPS, special equipment, public safety, power communications, security, surveying and mapping, medical electronics, finance, 3C consumer electronics and other fields. Lithium battery custom manufacturers have the following


1. A highly specialized technical research and development team to create world-class quality. Technical experts from the international lithium battery field, with complete and advanced lithium battery system technology development experience; have invention patents in a number of fields.

2. Customize on demand and provide comprehensive industrial-grade system technology solutions. Products can include a lithium battery system with complete structural design, multi-level circuit protection and monitoring, and various software functions with high-performance BMS intelligent management.

3. Harsh technological process, uncompromising management system, quality is more guaranteed. Standardized production in strict accordance with the development process, each product must undergo rigorous and comprehensive tests to ensure that each product delivered to you must be safe.

4. Timely and perfect after-sales service system to solve customers' worries.


Advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery customization

The application of lithium batteries is now seen everywhere in our lives, bringing convenience to people but also with disadvantages. Due to the different requirements of products in various industries, the performance of the corresponding lithium batteries is also very different, so there is a lithium battery customization. Here is the editor to tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery customization.

The advantages of Kangsheng lithium battery customization:

1. The energy density is high, and the actual specific energy that can be achieved at present is 100-125Wh/kg. With the development of technology in the future, the energy ratio will be higher.

2. Long service life, can be used for 4-5 years, which is higher than general rechargeable batteries.

3. There is no memory effect, and it can be recharged and released.

4. It can be charged and discharged quickly.

5. Large working temperature range, generally -25℃-45℃.

Disadvantages of lithium battery customization:

1. It cannot be discharged with high current, and there is a risk of over-discharge and short-circuit.

2. Higher cost.

3. Need protection circuit control, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection.

Kangsheng lithium battery manufacturer, the lithium battery pack produced by the technology is mature, the battery performance is stable, and the lithium battery program is customized on demand, and the lithium battery custom manufacturer, choose Shenzhen Kangsheng lithium battery manufacturer.

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