Release time:

Picture designer

Work Place:

Shenzhen, China

Number of Recruits:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the shooting and post-processing of the main pictures and drawings related to the company's e-commerce sales products, including pre-photographing of the product, product image optimization, post-image processing and layout design work;

2. Combining the product characteristics to create a description template that is both beautiful and attractive, which can attract attention, fully display the product image and characteristics, and cooperate with the copywriter to optimize the product picture;

3. Responsible for the proofreading, beautification and processing of the color, composition, details and other aspects of the product picture and the physical object,

4. Responsible for e-commerce page design, picture optimization, matting design and layout, and beautification of product pictures.

5. Responsible for the shop decoration, main image design, product description design of the company's Alibaba, Amazon taobao and other platforms


1. Proficient in photoshop, master various graphics and image processing software such as Coreldraw, AI, rendering tools;

2. Fully responsible for the page design of the B2B platform. Possess innovation ability, independent design and drawing ability, can complete high-quality design independently and quickly, grasp color, and unified design style.

3. E-commerce art work experience is preferred, art design related majors and those who are familiar with e-commerce platform design are preferred;

4. Have experience in post-processing of e-commerce pictures, be able to shoot product pictures and videos, short video clips, and be proficient in using Canon SLR cameras and studio photography equipment;

5. It will be refined, and can shoot product composition, reasonable layout, detailed diagrams, and scene diagrams according to the characteristics and advantages of the product;

6. Familiar with composition, color mixing, synthesis, various conventional and special color mixing techniques, etc.; have good creative conception ability and excellent comprehensive visual grasp ability; have bold design ideas, and have the courage to propose their own creative inspirations.