Release time:

Alibaba operation

Work Place:

Shenzhen, China

Number of Recruits:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Able to independently complete Alibaba's overall planning, marketing, promotion, customer relationship management and other system operations;

2. Responsible for the daily operations of platform store marketing planning, listing, promotion, advertising, store decoration, etc., to improve store click-through rates, page views and conversion rates;

3. Make professional data analysis on the store’s IP, PV, sales, bounce rate, geographic distribution, conversion rate, etc., and do a good job of data collection, evaluation and analysis of competitors’ websites.

4. Responsible for keyword mining and analysis, evaluate product operation, refine selling points, and formulate monthly store promotion budget;

5. Establish and promote the company's Linkedin, Facebook and other pages


1. CET-4 or above, with good English reading and writing skills

2. More than one year of working experience in Alibaba international station operation, participated in Alibaba training camp training, and operated battery products and markets preferred

3. Understand the relevant knowledge of search engine SEO, experience in Google and foreign social software promotion is preferred;

4. Familiar with the use of Photoshop, Meitu and other software for simple picture editing, and have a certain copywriting skills;

5. Serious and responsible work, patient and meticulous, capable of execution, team spirit and strong cooperation concept.