Release time:

Internet sales

Work Place:

Shenzhen, China

Number of Recruits:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop and contact customers in the domestic market through Alibaba's platform, exhibitions, and the Internet;

2. Respond to and track customer inquiries, communicate with customers in a timely manner, understand customer needs, and facilitate orders;

3. Collect market information and actively promote the company and products;

4. Responsible for customer tracking, quotation, negotiation, contract production and signing, order fulfillment and follow-up;

5. Arrange the delivery date of orders (including sample orders and large orders) according to customer requirements, track the progress of orders, and follow-up treatment of abnormal situations;

6. Tracking and analysis of customer sales, information collection, analysis and feedback of the market and competitors;

7. Manage and maintain customer relationships and establish a good long-term cooperative relationship;

8. Use various channels to promote official websites and third-party platforms: classified websites, WeChat, forums, QQ groups, mobile apps, online alliances, cpc, cps, etc.;

9. Responsible for the internal and external promotion of the website, uv, pv, online time, return rate, bounce rate, user viscosity, click rate, page views, conversion rate, visit depth, achieve sales goals and increase visibility;

10. Implement the company's sales strategy and policies to achieve performance goals.


1. 20-35 years old, technical secondary school degree or above, e-commerce, marketing and other related majors are preferred;

2. At least one year of sales work experience, and master marketing related knowledge;

3. Familiar with business operation process, have certain market analysis and judgment ability;

4. Good professional image, strong communication skills and business negotiation skills, and can receive customers independently;

5. Responsible and self-motivated, self-driven, confident to challenge high salaries, and able to withstand certain work pressures;

6. Cheerful personality, strong learning ability, good team spirit, willing to share and good at communication.