Release time:

Electronics Engineer

Work Place:

Shenzhen, China

Number of Recruits:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Lithium electronic PACK structure and parts design analysis improvement, trial confirmation and evaluation, and drawing drawing;

2. Improvement of fixtures and drawing;

3. Solution and improvement methods of technical problems encountered in the PACK production process;

4. Responsible for the debugging, maintenance and maintenance of lithium battery PACK production equipment;

5. Responsible for the sample manufacturing of lithium battery PACK products.


1) Electronic, communication and related majors, full-time university degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience;

2) Familiar with battery management system control principles and software and hardware design knowledge;

3) Familiar with battery thermal management, battery balance management, process design knowledge, software engineering, control theory, power electronics, electrochemistry and analog circuits;

4) Master the development, design and simulation software of battery management controllers such as Codewarrior, Matlab, Ansys, Altium Designer, CanOe, etc.;

5) Understand the professional design and test standards, relevant national regulations, research design techniques and methods, and have the ability to compile relevant technical standards;

6) Understand the development trends of this professional technology at home and abroad and the technical level of competitors' products;

7) Understand the product development and release process.