Release time:

Network Promotion Specialist

Work Place:

Shenzhen, China

Number of Recruits:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the online promotion of the Chinese and English versions of the company's official website and the Chinese and English brands of products;

2. Determine the website promotion target and promotion plan according to the company's overall market strategy and website characteristics;

3. Communicate with various departments, confirm the requirements in detail, and complete the website production and promotion tasks on time and with good quality;

4. Evaluate and analyze the keywords of the website, improve the ranking of the website, and increase the popularity of the website by using a variety of techniques;

5. Cooperate with other websites to exchange resources between websites, and be responsible for the management and maintenance of daily cooperation websites;

6. Develop and expand network media for cooperation, and put forward suggestions and requirements for improvement of website operation;

7. Familiar with all network promotion methods, be able to promote the company's products and services on various websites, and enhance the company's brand.

8. Assist the editor to complete the art design of the website page, website design, website image processing, animation design, etc.;

9. Responsible for online customer reception and collection and summary of customer information;

10. Responsible for registering and publishing company and product information on third-party network platforms and collecting customer information (industry website APP, mobile terminal, etc. promotion design production).


1. College degree or above, more than three years of work experience, familiar with self-media advertising, Baidu bidding rankings and search engine indexing.

2. College degree or above in editing, publishing, journalism, Chinese and other related majors;

3. Familiar with network marketing channels, have rich network promotion experience and Internet resources;

4. Be good at using a variety of online promotion methods, and be proficient in QQ groups, blogs, forums, soft posts, post bars, community promotion, review websites, Q&A platforms, WeChat public accounts, mobile apps, etc. and other promotion methods;

5. Proficiency in operating commonly used webpage making software and web search tools, and understanding the relevant knowledge of website development, operation and maintenance;

6. Have strong writing skills, and have the ability to plan website topics and information collection and editing;

7. Have good professionalism, professionalism and team spirit, good at communication.

8. Solid writing skills and strong writing ability.