Who will be the mainstream of the lithium battery market in the future? Lithium iron phosphate batte

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The application and promotion of electrochemical batteries have changed the current industrial structure. Among them, lithium-ion batteries are developing rapidly in the fields of power and energy storage. Nowadays, the two popular lithium-ion batteries, iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries and ternary lithium-ion batteries, have never stopped the debate. This year, the two have been pushed to the forefront again.

Who will become the mainstream of the lithium battery market in the future, lithium iron phosphate battery or ternary lithium ion battery?

Lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium-ion battery fight against each other

In the field of new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles occupy the C position, while in pure electric vehicle power lithium batteries, ternary lithium-ion batteries have the upper hand, followed by lithium iron phosphate batteries. In fact, in 2015, the installed capacity ratio of ternary and lithium iron phosphate was about 3:7, and the time for ternary to catch up with lithium iron phosphate was just past 2018. The important reason is that the ternary battery has become more and more prominent. The ability meets the requirements of policy subsidies and meets the needs of citizens for further travel.

Ternary lithium-ion battery powered car

This does not mean that lithium iron phosphate has no market in the field of power lithium batteries. In January, BYD stated that all passenger cars of the company will be replaced with ternary batteries, while passenger cars will continue to use lithium iron phosphate batteries. It can be seen that based on safety and stability, in the field of power lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate will be more widely used in public transportation, logistics and transportation industries.

Ternary lithium ion battery

However, lithium iron phosphate batteries are not limited to this. Some insiders speculate that while the new energy subsidy is about to be substantially reduced, the policy is likely not to impose new regulations on the endurance of power lithium batteries, and the endurance capabilities have met the requirements and qualified lithium iron phosphate battery companies will regain the market. Part of the automotive market.

In addition to the field of power lithium batteries, the rise of the energy storage market has also given lithium-ion batteries a better way out. Regardless of whether it is a large-scale or a small-scale energy storage project, not only requires a large capacity of lithium-ion batteries, but also requires safety, stability and long life. It can be seen that the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate batteries are more in line with the application of the energy storage industry.

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Under such conditions, the situation where the ternary lithium-ion battery and the lithium iron phosphate battery compete against each other will still be the mainstream of the lithium battery market in the future. At present, it is not easy to make a conclusion about who is the strongest king. Golden Collection Award Mando Purchasing Special Golden Collection Award Mando Purchasing Special

[Battery company series feature] See how Guoxuan Hi-Tech develops iron-lithium storage ternary?

When it comes to the power lithium battery industry, many people would think that China, Japan and South Korea will have a three-part world, and CATL/BYD will lead our country, but in fact, in addition to CATL/BYD, many domestic battery companies have risen rapidly and have gone abroad. Grow into the world's leading power lithium battery supplier. Recently, when China's 2019 new energy subsidy policy is not yet clear, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has frequently deployed, laying the foundation for the further development of the lithium-ion battery market in 2019.

On February 13, Guoxuan Hi-Tech announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Hefei Guoxuan and BOSCH had recently signed a 'purchase agreement' in Hefei. As a qualified supplier of BOSCH, Hefei Guoxuan will supply BOSCH with lithium-ion batteries, modules and battery packs (parts, products), etc.

On February 15, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Zotye Automobile held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The two parties will jointly explore the research and development of new energy vehicle batteries, batteries and other product technologies, and achieve in-depth cooperation in the development of new products.

On February 18th, Guoxuan Hi-Tech responded to investors’ questions on the interactive platform and stated that the company’s soft-covered wire will have production capacity in January this year, and process verification and product verification are required next. It is expected that the soft-package will be realized by 2020 Mass production of batteries.

Signed with Bosch, joined hands with Zotye, and laid out soft packages. In just one week after the Spring Festival, Guoxuan Hi-Tech completed international orders, partners, and technological breakthroughs. Obviously, as the top three domestic power lithium battery installed capacity in 2018, Guoxuan Hi-Tech will do a big job in 2019 to further increase its market share.

According to the data, Guoxuan Hi-Tech is an old-brand power lithium battery supplier established in 2006. It has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the early days. As ternary batteries are widely used in passenger cars, Guoxuan also Started to actively lay out the technical route of ternary lithium-ion battery. In early January of this year, the sample of the ternary 811 soft package prepared by it has passed the mid-term inspection of the Ministry of Science and Technology, with an energy density of 302Wh/kg and a cycle number of more than 1500 weeks.

According to industry data, in 2018, Guoxuan Hi-Tech achieved an annual installed capacity of 3.09GWh, ranking third in the industry following Ningde Times and BYD. At the same time, the total installed power of lithium batteries in China in January 2019 was about 4.98GWh. China Xuan Hi-Tech continues to maintain its top three market position in the industry with a total installed capacity of 187MWh.

It is worth mentioning that in the first batch of 2019 new energy vehicle recommendations published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a total of 106 models are on the list. There are 12 models of Xuan Hi-Tech in China, accounting for 11.32%, ranking second in the industry, and important supporting BAIC New energy, JAC, Zotye, Chery, Shanghai Vientiane, Tangshan SAIC and other models.

Regarding the company's development strategy in 2019, Guoxuan High-Tech highly recognizes the market prospects of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and is also infinitely optimistic about the development space of ternary lithium ion batteries. Based on its solid technical strength and market share in the field of lithium iron phosphate , Set the main theme of the three-dimensional power of iron and lithium, and power storage.

Accounted for half of the passenger car LFP energy density towards 200Wh/kg

As a representative of the lithium iron phosphate company, Guoxuan High-Tech has mastered the extremely advantageous lithium iron phosphate technology, especially in the passenger car field. In 2018, Guoxuan High-Tech monopolized the total amount of lithium iron phosphate in this field with an installed capacity of 1.57GWh. Half of the installed capacity (3.15GWh).

As early as 2018, Guoxuan High-Tech has completed the upgrade of the production line of lithium iron phosphate monomer energy density from 170Wh/kg to 180Wh/kg, and it can meet the cruising range of new energy vehicles of more than 400 kilometers. With the development and application of a variety of new materials and technologies, the company plans to increase the energy density of lithium iron phosphate monomer cells to a maximum of nearly 200Wh/kg in 2019.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech believes that with the decline of subsidies and the real marketization, the advantages of lithium iron phosphate such as low cost, long life and high safety will appear in the fields of passenger cars and logistics vehicles. The dominant position of the passenger car market and the later application of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the energy storage market, the future application of lithium iron phosphate market is very broad.

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