KAMCY New Energy Product Intelligent Manufacturing Path Selection

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Under the wave of battery product performance improvement and large-scale production capacity expansion, battery companies urgently need the introduction of innovative equipment innovation processes and intelligent production upgrades.

Now, battery companies and equipment companies are actively exploring the implementation of smart production solutions. At that time, more and more lithium battery companies put forward the needs and understanding of smart production, but there are still many problems in the actual implementation process.

Kangsheng New Energy Product Intelligent Manufacturing Path Selection

There are three major foundations for intelligent production. One is that the development of sensor technology has made information extraction more and more convenient; the other is that the development of computer technology has greatly reduced the cost of data processing. The third is data transmission.

The editor of Kangsheng Battery believes that for lithium battery companies to complete smart production, they need to pay attention to the following focuses:

1. Optimize the production process and management system, complete the 'quick win', and get used to the needs of future intelligent production of various scene construction;

2. Short-term focus on operation optimization, reduce costs; complete equipment automation and intelligence, reduce downtime, optimize production line switching, and increase production power;

3. Further construct and optimize the construction of the information system, complete the integration between the systems, and support the detailed business needs of the business departments;

4. Data integration constitutes a unified data specification, and the collection, storage, analysis and use of data constitute a closed loop;

5. Based on the input of the product strategy project module, clarify the corresponding production line technology, equipment requirements and detailed plans in the future.

At that time, lithium battery companies and equipment companies had an incomplete knowledge and understanding of smart production. Battery companies could not accurately propose requirements for smart production, and equipment companies and MES companies did not understand the process requirements for smart production of lithium batteries, which led to the project There are still many local needs to improve, which is the pain point of the current lithium battery industry.

The editor believes that the intelligent production system architecture includes the three dimensions of life cycle, system level and intelligent functions. In the production process of lithium batteries, the deployment of the MES system can improve the real-time data traceability and the comprehensiveness of data collection, but it still needs to be optimized in terms of quality, operation, data, system, technology, and equipment.

In this regard, Kangsheng Battery’s action is to clarify the overall optimization plan of the future Kangsheng Battery Group’s product strategy and future equipment improvement, based on the cost optimization goal, to carry out the overall optimization of the production business process and management system, and to create and integrate appropriate business and management. Demand information system.

At that time, Kangsheng Battery was actively exploring smart production solutions. The original production line would undergo some simple digital transformations, and the new production line would be top-level planning to build a professional benchmark factory to drive the construction of other production lines.

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