Release time:

Foreign trade clerk

Work Place:

Shenzhen, China

Number of Recruits:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop battery overseas market business, develop new customers, and handle customer inquiries;

2. Negotiations with customers, implementation of price and order details, and order confirmation;

3. Communicate with relevant departments such as procurement and production to ensure timely delivery;

4. Tracking of payment and freight matters, etc.;

5. Familiar with foreign trade e-commerce platforms, and find customers through the Internet/exhibition.


1. College degree or above, excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

2. More than 1 year of working experience in foreign trade business, lithium battery sales experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with various mainstream B2B and social media platforms abroad, and be good at using platforms to find customer resources (experience in Alibaba platform operation is preferred);

4. Strong business negotiation skills, good communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility, high enthusiasm and confidence in sales and customer development and maintenance.