"High-performance mobile direct methanol fuel cell long-term power generation system" was successful

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        Direct methanol fuel-powered lithium battery (DMFC) is a new type of device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It has the advantages of safety, relatively simple system, convenient operation, and high energy density. It is very suitable as a small and medium-sized mobile long-term power supply. , Suitable for mobile and portable power supplies, such as field operation power supplies (exploration), drone power supplies, portable electrical appliances, multi-functional mobile charging power supplies, etc. The application field is very broad. In order to meet the needs of direct methanol fuel-powered lithium batteries in terms of high specific energy, efficiency and life, the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been committed to this project for many years. Recently, it has successfully developed high-performance, long-life direct methanol fuel-powered lithium Battery long-term power generation system and series of prototypes, and developed the corresponding intelligent power integration technology package.

        Recently, the High Technology Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized experts to discuss the subject of the '863' plan 'Advanced Fuel Power Lithium Battery Power Generation Technology' in the advanced energy technology field led by Changchun Yinghua-'High-performance mobile direct methanol fuel-powered lithium “Battery long-term power generation system” has been checked and accepted, and the project’s chief expert and subject leader Xing Wei’s acceptance report has been reviewed, the acceptance materials have been reviewed, and on-site inspections and detailed technical inquiries have been carried out. Aiming at the application bottlenecks of the existing direct methanol fuel-powered lithium battery in terms of cost, efficiency and life, this topic focuses on the development of high-activity low-platinum catalysts, new polymer proton exchange membranes, high performance, long life, high stability, and multi-function Ordered composite membrane electrodes, and optimized the stack to ensure efficient power generation of the system; through intelligent control technology to realize the operation of the stack and power transmission management, the formation of intelligent DMFC power supply long-term power generation application technology, and the development of rated output power It is a series of prototypes with application performance such as 5W, 10W, 20W, 100W, 150W and 500W.

        The expert group fully affirmed the outstanding progress of the subject in terms of high specific energy smart power integration technology package, conversion efficiency, stability, etc., and unanimously agreed that the subject passed the technical acceptance. And discussed and reached the following consensus: as a new type of device that directly converts chemical energy into electric energy, direct methanol fuel-powered lithium battery has the advantages of safety, relatively simple system, convenient operation, high energy density, etc., and is suitable for small and medium-sized mobile within 1000W. It is recommended to actively develop new energy products based on this technology in the application and strengthen its cost performance. Subsequently, other subjects of the project were conducted on-site expert tests and subject acceptance in Wuhan and Chengdu. The entire project team completed the research tasks on schedule and successfully passed the acceptance inspection, laying a solid foundation for the further development of fuel-powered lithium battery technology.

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