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        Recently, the American antimony battery production company ambri announced a new round of financing, and Bill Gates participated in the investment. The company said that its antimony batteries surpass lithium-ion batteries in terms of economy, safety and durability. Affected by the above news, A-share antimony stocks continued to strengthen. Antimony stocks such as Hunan Gold and St Huayu have surged recently. Some people in the industry believe that due to factors such as the recovery of downstream industries, loose monetary policy, and promising prospects for the photovoltaic industry, antimony ingot inventories have decreased and antimony prices have continued to rise. They are optimistic about the future trend of antimony prices. As a small metal, antimony has the characteristics of small global reserves, many associated minerals, and small business volume. Affected by the prosperity of downstream industries, demand elasticity is greater. Some institutional people also reminded to prevent hot money from taking the opportunity to speculate and push up the stock price.

       'Celebrity effect' fire antimony battery concept stock American antimony battery production company Ambri announced that a new round of financing has received 144 million US dollars. This round of financing came from the largest shareholder of Ambry, India's Reliance Industrial Co., Ltd. and the American Paulson Investment Management Company Bill Gates. According to Ambri's official website, the antimony battery developed by the company is more economical than lithium-ion batteries, and the total production cost of antimony batteries is expected to be 30%-50% lower than that of lithium-ion batteries. The battery also has the characteristics of high durability, high heat resistance and non-flammability. The capacity is between 400kwh and 1000kwh, and the battery life can reach 4 hours to 24 hours, which can meet the scale of projects from 10mwh to 2gwh.

        Will antimony become a new energy metal after lithium (lithium-ion battery), sodium (sodium-ion battery) and platinum (hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery)? Professor Li Fuhai, deputy dean and doctoral supervisor of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering of Hunan University, said: Due to its good chemical stability, low reduction potential and high theoretical capacity, antimony has long been used as lead-acid batteries and lithium sodium potassium ions. One of the negative electrode materials in the battery field.

       Antimony is combined with nanotechnology and carbon composite technology to improve various key performance indicators of batteries. Antimony selenide is also used in the preparation of thin-film solar cells. It can be said that antimony has long been a public topic in the industry. It's just that Bill Gates brought the 'celebrity effect', allowing everyone to rediscover the value of antimony in the new energy industry. 'The recovery of downstream demand has pushed up the price of antimony. On August 20, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals.com released antimony ingot price data. 0 antimony ingot was 70,000 tons, up 6.87% from the beginning of August and up about 60% from the beginning of the year. A non-ferrous metals industry analyst at a securities company analyzed the reasons for the rise in antimony prices: 'Antimony is used in many industries such as plastics, rubber, paint, textile, chemical fiber, glass, electronics, ceramics, phosphors, and alloys. Since the beginning of this year, due to the recovery of overseas economies and the loose monetary policies adopted by developed countries, most of the downstream industries of metal antimony have improved significantly. The inventory of antimony ingots has dropped rapidly, which has promoted the rise of antimony prices.

       'The rise in antimony prices has contributed to the performance of listed companies.' On July 14, San Huayu issued a notice of pre-increasing performance for the first half of 2021. Non-net profit is estimated to be 69.81 million yuan after deducting net profit of 64.61 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 253.48% to 281.93%. The increase in performance was mainly due to the release of its semi-annual report by Hunan Gold Company on August 16, which included lead-antimony concentrates (including silver and zinc). In the first half of the year, 18872 tons of antimony products were produced, a year-on-year increase of 10.36%; the sales income of antimony products was 739 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55.67%. The rise in antimony prices prompted Hunan Gold and Shenghuayu to increase production. The staff of Hunan Gold introduced relevant information: 'On February 27 this year, Chenzhou Antimony, a subsidiary of our company, completed and put into production to replace the original pyrogenic slurry electrolysis process to prepare refined antimony. The project effectively solved the problem of selective separation of antimony and arsenic and the pollution of the three wastes of traditional pyrometallurgical smelting, and realized clean and environmentally friendly production.' On August 5, Shenghuayu said in response to investors: my country's tantalum, aluminum and gold industry's gold antimony mine plan It will be put into operation at the end of 2021, with an annual processing capacity of 1.5 million tons of ore, an annual output of 2.2 tons of gold and 16,000 tons of antimony concentrate.

     “The global shortage of antimony ore has become a strategic resource. Except for Hunan Gold and St Huayu, other listed non-ferrous smelting companies have little interest in antimony prices and no new production plans. This is mainly due to the global shortage of antimony ore resources. According to the statistics of the US Geological Survey, the global antimony reserves are only 1.87 million tons, and the content of antimony in the crust is very low, which is difficult to enrich. Among the antimony-bearing minerals, there are more than 120 kinds of antimony, and only 10 kinds are available for industrial use. Valuable minerals exist in the form of associated minerals.

        According to calculations by Zhongtai Securities, from the perspective of the static reserve-production ratio, the global antimony metal can only meet the supply within 14 years, while the domestic antimony reserves can only meet the supply within 6 years. In 2016, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued the National Mineral Resources Plan ( 2016-2020)' listed antimony as a key mineral resource, and the United States, the European Union and Japan also listed antimony as a key mineral resource. According to statistics from Dongxing Securities, my country's antimony import dependence is too high, and the decline in my country's antimony supply has led to an increase in the import dependence of the domestic antimony industry. From 2009 to 2019, China's antimony concentrate imports soared from 24,600 tons to 62,700 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.8%. By 2019, China's dependence on antimony concentrates has risen to 48.9%. To ensure antimony production With the smooth continuation of business, domestic exploration and overseas mining have become the only way for listed companies.

       The Hunan Gold staff introduced the relevant situation: 'We have launched a three-year (2021-2023) deep edge exploration of old mines and cooperated with the Hunan Institute of Geology to strengthen vein exploration to ensure the continuous production of existing mine resources. 'In 2017, San Huayu acquired the overseas project Daan Aluminum & Metal Industry. The company predicts that after completion, Daan Aluminum & Metals will control nearly 15% of the global supply of antimony metal. The contribution of antimony-related businesses is limited. It is necessary to prevent speculation in antimony stocks from rising sharply in a short period of time, thereby promoting the spread of market optimism. Many self-media and online big V have advocated the strategic, scarcity and non-renewability of antimony, and recommended target companies such as Hunan Gold and St Huayu.

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