Shenzhen KAMCY New Energy Products Co., Ltd. actively participates in the “Civilization Creation

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Since July, Shenzhen KAMCY New Energy Products Co., Ltd. has actively participated in the “Civilization Creation and Volunteer Striving for the First” charity event to help Shenzhen build a national civilized city. In this regard, Chairman Ke of Kangsheng said: 'Kangsheng must contribute to the society while achieving social and economic benefits. For social responsibility, each of us at Kangsheng must take action and contribute our own strength.'

At present, Shenzhen is making every effort to create the 7th National Civilized City, striving to become a national civilized model city. The Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League has been carrying out the “Civilization Creation and Volunteer Striving for the First” action, calling on volunteers from the whole city to actively participate. To this end, our Kangsheng company actively responds and organizes employees to participate in social welfare activities such as the Shenzhen 'Red Vest'. Kang Sheng's 'Red Vest' power is also in action!

▪ Establish volunteer service sites with personnel, projects, and management in communities, public cultural facilities, scenic spots, hospitals, transportation stations, government affairs halls, and new era civilization practice centers (stations, stations), etc., to provide citizens with high-quality Of voluntary service.

▪ At the city’s main traffic intersections and morning and evening peak hours, assist traffic police to carry out civilized guidance and voluntary services, regulate pedestrian and vehicle traffic behavior, maintain traffic order, and help build a national civilized city.

深圳市新能源产品有限公司积极参与“文明创建 志愿争先”公益活动, 助力深圳市创建全国文明城市


深圳市新能源产品有限公司积极参与“文明创建 志愿争先”公益活动, 助力深圳市创建全国文明城市


深圳市新能源产品有限公司积极参与“文明创建 志愿争先”公益活动, 助力深圳市创建全国文明城市


深圳市新能源产品有限公司积极参与“文明创建 志愿争先”公益活动, 助力深圳市创建全国文明城市


深圳市新能源产品有限公司积极参与“文明创建 志愿争先”公益活动, 助力深圳市创建全国文明城市

志愿关爱 温暖相伴

In Shenzhen's large and small corners, tens of thousands of 'red vests', including each of our KAMCY 'red vests', are using their own actions to add color to the city's civilization and contribute to Shenzhen's creation of the seventh national civilized city. Interpretation of volunteers' dedication spirit. Every Shenzhener is a builder and maintainer of this city. We Kangsheng people are only a small part of them. The construction of a civilized city requires the participation of each of us!

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